Why the blog?

I had thoughts about writing a blog a couple of years ago. A few of my friends that saw the pictures I would post said I should do it. But I never really got around to it until the summer of 2017.

We came back from Bermuda and a girl at the yoga class asked how it was. She was planning on going there in the fall. I offered to send her some of my recommendations about the sights, restaurants etc. I put together an email, added some pics and Sean said- why don’t you write a blog? You already have one post pretty much! So I started thinking about it again and this time took action.

It took some time and energy to dig through the old travel diaries, even more effort to find the ‘just right’ pictures. I’ve never created a website, so  figuring out the template was a bit complicated as well. But here it is. My baby is ready to be published 🙂 !

English is not my native language, so I ask you to forgive me for the mistakes you may find. I read and re-read the posts, but I know it’s not perfect. It’s a work in progress and hopefully each post will be better than the last.

I know this will be a great place for me to go back and look at the memories. My wish for this blog is to accomplish a bit more than that. I hope you find it fun, informative and helpful. What I really hope is that it inspires you to travel, explore and see the same world with your own eyes.

I appreciate your time as well as any suggestions or questions you may have.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Why the blog?

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  1. Your happiness and love for life and traveling around the world is contagious! I love seeing your pictures and how you capture the meaningful moments of your adventures!
    Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful breathtaking sites and continue to do so as I love every single picture
    I love you my Dudinha!

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