Hi! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my page.

My name is Kristina. Nice to ‘meet’ you! If this was a face to face conversation, your next sentence would be: “Where are you from?”. Yes, I’ve lived in the USA for the past 12 years, yes, I still have an accent…And it’s most likely never going to go away. That’s all right- people like accents (or so I’ve heard:)).

I was born and raised in Lithuania Рsmall,  beautiful and very rich in history country near the Baltic Sea. Fast forward a few decades and here I am Рliving the dream in Boston, Massachusetts:).

So why the travel blog? There are so many of them out there already. Well…why not:)? I love to travel, explore, meet people. I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook. But then the time goes by and these special memories get replaced with new experiences, new travels and moments. Seeing only pictures becomes not enough to re-create that feeling that was there right when the trip is still fresh out of the suitcase.

So I decided to stop the time and write. To put as much detail as I can remember. To share the itineraries that were carefully planned and maybe did not go exactly the way I envisioned. But because of what I’ve learned, someone else might have an even better trip! So this blog is just as much for me, as much it is for the other fellow travel lovers.

It’s only my experience, everyone makes their own path, their own way to get that one more stamp in their passport. Enjoy the journey and never stop exploring!




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